We believe by working together, to make small changes we can collectively tackle the global challenges of climate change, carbon reduction and food poverty.

Allotment in a Box

20150504_155402_resizedBuild, installation and maintenance of raised beds to grow organic fruit and vegetables.
Our rational is simply we love to make and grow stuff and we reckon there are a group of folks who love the idea of growing and eating food they have grown themselves on their small patch of earth; however ultra-busy lives and the convenience of well stocked supermarkets mean most never get round to doing more than growing a few tomatoes (and were not knocking that!)



The project gives us the opportunity to make a social enterprise out of things that would otherwise end up in landfill.
We care about the environment and the future for children and young people, and we are seeking to make a social enterprise out of things that would otherwise end up in landfill.
  • Dream Catchers
  • Kites
  • Paper Beads


Where needed offering consultations and training for teachers and support staff, working together to create stimulating learning and play environments for children and young people.
To collect, re-use, re-design recycled materials in innovative ways, inspiring people to be creative and resourceful, with a focus on play and extending learning experience for children, young people and families.
Making kites, dream catchers, masks, paper clay, printing blocks, paper beads, willow sculptures, cars and trucks to much to mention, do get in touch, if you have an idea or some unused resources so we can work together on creating playful sustainable solutions.
Through our work we aim to generate discussion about sustainability and the environment, creativity exploring different cultures and encouraging resourcefulness and experimentation. We focus on cooperative learning, positive behaviour and confidence building and being inclusive of all abilities.