about us


We are united by our collective commitment.

This enterprise has grown out from our collective interests in creativity, the environment and working with communities. We are passionate and excited about exploiting our available resources and skills to access  the urban environment;  exploring how we use them to generate creative solutions for a sustainable future.
We seek to  contribute to changing attitudes and developing a more sustainable future for us all.
We are united by our collective commitment to developing an enterprise that reflects our values and interests, these are based on beginning self expressive and creative, making stuff that is pleasing to the senses and works in harmony with the natural world.
We are passionate and excited about creating marketable ideas and generating new revenue streams to complement our vision for a truly sustainable future.




I am engaged in a transformational learning journey, nurturing a shift in perspective to meet personal and professional challenges. My professional practice and personal passions are connected to the development of initiatives where individuals, groups and communities can explore their relationship with the natural world.

Creating opportunities to connect to the natural environment as fundamental in building a taste for freedom, developing creativity, resilience and resourcefulness.

I am a mother and a grandmother, a Community based informal educator with over thirty years’ experience and aspirational gardener.



A Playworker and artist with over 10years experience of working with families, children and young people in communities across Birmingham.

I am inspired by people and the environment and motivated to help create a more sustainable future for generations to come through transformative thinking and practice.

Being a part of The Glue Collective allows me to explore my creativity in more innovative and resourceful ways that connect me to the natural environment.



A visual artist and professional gardener working with communities and individuals to creatively interpret the world around them.

The basic innate human instinct to create and grow is the thread that runs through all my work. I take inspiration from the resourcefulness of individuals to play with ideas.

I work with easily accessible every day, waste and natural materials to create artwork that challenges accepted structures.



I am an experienced Environmental Playworker and Forest School Practitioner with well developed skills and experience in Community work. This work has been my main focus for over 20 years. I am also a skilled trainer who has supported many different organisations over the years. I am always keen to develop personally and broaden my skills and experience.

I believe passionately that the Great Outdoors is a wonderful healing place and is committed to spreading the joy of Nature and Nurture to develop Resilience!



Age 36 or more on the outside always 25 years old inside!

I have a passion for making & creating, working across the Birmingham community and in local schools as an artist and crafter, supporting individuals to work with in a range of mediums.

An all-round ideas woman, I love working with my hands; I find freedom in being self expressive through creative mediums, in particular up cycling, textiles and fashion.